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Fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD) is a complex disease that is most commonly seen in women, with systemic presentation that may include stenosis, aneurysm or dissection most commonly in the renal and carotid arteries, migraine-like headaches, dizziness, and tinnitus or a swooshing sound in the ears. Low bone density, joint laxity and degenerative disease in the spine also have been linked to the disease. FMD is considered a rare disease; however, it is also believed to be underdiagnosed.

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It's easy to connect with FMD Chat and other fibromuscular dysplasia patients.

On Facebook
FMD Chat can be found at, which is a public page recommended for those affected by fibromuscular dysplasia including patients, family members, caregivers, and healthcare providers. Per Facebook's terms, anyone can see that the public page exists and actions taken on it. Look here for health links, events, and connections to other rare disease and general health organizations. FMD Chat also provides closed groups for patients and for caregivers.

On SmartPatients
Smart Patients was designed to extend the reach of FMD Chat's resources to include a forum in which patients and caregivers may learn from one another about diagnosis, disease management, the latest science, and how these topics fit together. The Smart Patients forum facilitates open dialogue among community members by creating a private space in which discussions may be held. Join Smart Patients, ask a question, and support others who can learn from you.

On RareConnect
RareConnect was created by EURORDIS (European Rare Disease Organisation) and NORD(National Organization for Rare Disorders) to provide a safe space where individuals and families affected by rare diseases can connect with each other, share vital experiences, and find helpful information and resources. The community affords users the opportunity to engage in the worldwide exchange of information about FMD. RareConnect supports German, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. To join the new FMD Chat community, register with RareConnect, set up a profile, and then chose "fibromuscular dysplasia" from the community menu.

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Keep up with FMD Chat in 140 characters or less. Twitter helps further FMD Chat's aims to support and educate those affected by fibromuscular dysplasia. You may also search for #FMDaware for tweets relating to FMD.

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Pinterest is a virtual pinboard of images. FMD Chat shares images of fibromuscular dysplasia, general health information, items from the FMD Chat store, resources in healthcare and social media, as well as a few things just for fun.

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Learn more about your body through carefully selected health videos from leading experts around the world. Topics include vascular and renal health, strokes, aneurysms, and caregiving.

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